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Are there any EVENTS for Disability Service Provider?


There is an upcoming event for Sydney Disability Service Provider in February – 2022. This event is exhibited for 2-Complete days to give a connection between 200 service providers the disabled people.

Disabled people can find here and access various disability services across Sydney and NDIS and your plans, funding’s and options you want to know with NDIS.

If anyone is applying for NDIS or if you are new to NDIS or an existing citizen with an NDIS plan and want to clear any questions or concerns related to NDIS, you need to attend this event.

“If There’s A Wheel, There’s A Way.”
By Anonymous

There will be the following things you can find in the event:

1:1 discussion with service providers.

A complete guided discussion regarding service providers in NSW, Get explained with professional coordinators.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to know NDIS and service providers.

As a leading WHEELCHAIR TAXI SERVICE in SYDNEY. We will be happy to take you to the event with our well-maintained, safe, and affordable wheelchair taxis in Sydney.


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