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What is NDIS?

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Back in 2010, To identify support schemes for caring long term disable citizens, the Australian Government asked the productivity commission to do a survey and inquiry to identify long-term disabled citizens, so that Government can establish a support scheme. In this process while performing inquiry productive commission received a positive response with above 1000 applications from the people who are affected with a disability as well as and disability sectors. This survey gave a clear indication that the existing schemes for disabled citizens are not working to the extent government planned. After finalization prime minister of Australia released the commission’s report in the year 2011.
My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn’t accessible”.
By Stella Young
With this initial, the government came to an indication that there is a need for reforms of disability services.  In 2011 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) as well agreed to the reforms and thus formed NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme.
In October 2011, with a meeting of the selected council, it was decided to lay the foundation for the NDIS- NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme before Mid-year 2013. Note, that this foundation date was way ahead of the prescribed time which was set by the Productivity Commission. This opened the doors for the disabled and their caretakers to access the support they were looking for. Finally in 2013-March NDIS legislation was passed officially and NDIS Act came into existence and also paved the way to NDIA- National Disability Insurance Agency. Initially, there were trial sites established to access the performance of this scheme, and this train started in 2013-July in the following areas and finished in 2016-July and the scheme was officially rolled out for operations across the whole of Australia New South Wales – Hunter area for an aged group up to 65 Years Tasmania – for the age group between 15-24. Southern Australia – with an age group below 14 Years Also, areas like Victoria and Barwon. There was a name change in this scheme in the year 2013 and renamed as “Disability Care Australia”. After the election in 2013, the name was restored to NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme. The agency responsible for delivering the scheme is known as the National Disability Insurance Agency. Looking for a WHEELCHAIR TAXI in Sydney BOOK NOW

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